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Payroll and HR

"We wish you a lot of staff" is usually not meant in such a nice way.
Staff is also a source of concern.

But, help is at hand. DNA can help you with your entire personnel policy.

We can unburden you in all areas of personnel policy. This allows you as an employer to focus on what you are good at: doing business.

Unburdening and advice salary administration

Payroll administration is a careful job and can be time-consuming. The payroll processing of your employees must of course be perfectly arranged. We have all the knowledge and skills in-house to take this process off your hands.

In this way, you no longer have to worry about implementing salary changes, tax regulations, and taking care of the correct reports to various authorities and your employees always receive their salary on time.

Care and advice HR

We can also unburden you in all other areas that personnel policy entails. Current employment contracts, the possibility of subsidies, the ins and outs of Legislation & Regulations (such as the Work Cost Schemes, and Work & Security Act), and insight into costs and possible risks.

We will solve them together with you by having a conversation. If necessary, we even come to your location for half a day a month to spar with you and to support and inform you. We help you with advice, but also with an online tool where you have access to your employer and employee files. This allows you as an employer to focus on what you are good at doing business.

Take control of your business today

One of our employees will contact you to schedule a no-obligation intake interview. In this conversation we make an inventory of the wishes and we indicate what we can do for you.