About DNA

We are an all-around financial consultancy firm. We serve clients in multiple sectors; from administration, filing tax returns,  giving tax advice, or taking care of the complete financial administration of the company. It is possible to do this from our own office but we are also able to work (partly) on location as interim.

In short, we have the administrative, financial knowledge, and also tax expertise to carry out the complete administration for a company and to assist clients with the many aspects of entrepreneurship. In addition, we work closely with various well-known notaries and law firms as permanent partners.

Meet The Team

That is passionate about helping you and your business succeed.

Founder, Fiscalist

Damaira Anijs

As a tax specialist, I am specialized in financial and legal services, and I help individuals and internationally operating companies to the next level in the most efficient way.

By providing insight into complex tax issues and often working together with an effective international network. Over the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the most creative entrepreneurs on a national and international level, including artists and models, as well as companies such as Shell and Forbes.

In 2009 I completed the study International Tax Law. I gained most of my experience at the international tax consultancy firm Baker & Mckenzie and TMF in Amsterdam.

Partner, Accountant

Umair Shaikh

Umair Shaikh, I started entrepreneurship at a young age and I have worked for various (inter)national companies. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience and knowledge. Due to the experience gained and my entrepreneurial mentality, I always think along with the customers in solutions and that takes the company to the next level. I also have a passion for business processes, automation, and ensuring that the company operates as efficiently as possible.


Chivarro Struiken

“As an entrepreneur, it is important to have the right structure in the administration and I take care of that. Also being a sparring partner for the entrepreneur; actively thinking along to keep the business processes in order and to find opportunities to constantly improve these processes. In this way, I contribute to the growth of entrepreneurs and the realization of their goals.”